ar·tis·tic / ɑrˈtɪstɪk / [ahr-tis-tik]  

  – adjective 
  1. conforming to the standards of art, satisfying aesthetic           requirements; artistic productions. 

  2. showing skill or excellence in execution, artistic 

  3. exhibiting taste, discriminating judgment, or sensitivity.

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Doors and Bannister Refinishings

Plaster Finishes
Bathroom Finishes
Lusterstone plaster finish
Paint and lusterstone plaster finish
Plaster walls finished with paint and glaze
Paint and lusterstone plaster finish
Plaster finish, medium texture
cotton plaster
Torn paper application
Plaster finish, medium texture finished with glaze
torn paper application
Heavy plaster texture, finished with glaze

Before: original white door 
After:  Cherry stain technique 

and mouldings too!
Original color gray

Refinished with black, bronze, antique gold and copper
Original light oak

Refinished dark walnut

Kitchen & Cabinet  Refinishing
Before: Light maple

Refinished to dark mahogany/ebony
Before: cream color 

Refinish to a dark walnut
Before: light maple

Refinish to mahogany
Kitchen Island

Custom design for client
Before: Light maple

Refinished to cream color with glaze
Before: Light maple

Refinished dark mahoghany/ebony. Panels gold and bronze.
Before: light oak cabinet

Refinished to a cherry wood tone.
original oak wood

Refinished to a lovely red contrast.  I dare you!
Commercial Artistry
Hotel in Laguna Beach 
plaster sand color accent walls
Laguna Beach Hotel 
plaster teal color accent walls
Before:  Old & outdated fireplace
After:  Fauxed new color adding texture, glazing and various colors to resemble rock and not a repainted look.
Before: Garage doors prior to exterior stain application.
After:  Applauded by the neighbors!
Before:  White wooden hood
After:  Stain mahogany finish
Before:  White aluminum doors
After:  Cherry-mahogany stain.